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Welcome to the the best record store in Dallas. Josey Records is the new addition to Dallas record stores but unlike other Record Stores in Dallas Josey Records is not here to just sell records, they have a mission to push the culture forward. I made a visit to the store last Sunday and to my surprise just missed the legendary Q-Tip. Fortunately the dj was spinning some cool vinyl tunes, people were hanging art and culture was the topic of conversation with everyone I spoke too.

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Really enjoying this really cool space @joseyrecords. While scrolling through these historic records I reflect on time and dreaming about the opportunity to travel back into the 60`s. I would definitely book a ticket to a live @MilesDavis set, and also have a conversation with my mother and tell her one day, she would leave a legacy on her only son that would influence #culture.

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You ever heard the controversial story behind the famous #Kayne record “Power”, me neither until I met producer @dja1 @joseyrecords

This brother was so passionate about #music He was listening to about 40 #vinyls and I felt like I had a bachelor’s degree in music when we finished our conversation. I want to send a #cool shoutout to @dja1 for sharing his #philosophy of #music with me.

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Just had a progressive conversation with @therealjtdonaldson owner of Josey Records about how his knowledge of producing & music didn’t happen in a classroom but happened in the Chicago & New York clubs. We spoke about the value of building culture in Dallas and the future of Josey Records. I left with some classic Miles Davis, Roy Ayers and Placebo vinyls.


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