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    Ben Lewis + Stanley Korshak

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    Josey Records Dallas is now Buying Books & DVDs

    Yes, that correct! Our Dallas location is now buying books and DVDs. You can now sell all of your music, books and movies in 1 location. We can also make an appointment to view large collections. Give us a call today and our friendly and informative staff will be able to help you; or simply bring in your music, books

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    Josey’s 10 Best Albums of 2016

    As seen on Our own Wil Brooks and Tom Strong share their favorite albums of 2016 with Wanz Dover. Wil Brooks (Josey Records) 1. Anderson Paak – Malibu From our first introduction to Mr. Paak on Dre’s Compton we were hooked. Raspy, overly soulful and worthy of back to back listening sessions. We have been guilty of this on

  • Pitch Control

    Subscribe to Pitch Control now on iTunes and Stitcher

    Our debut Podcast Pitch Control is now available on iTunes and Stitcher. Join our host Jeff Schroer and lifelong crate diggers Wil Brooks and Luke Sardello as we discuss all things music and vinyl. Episode 1 digs into our past as we discuss how we became vinyl enthusiasts and how that developed into the creation of Josey Records. We also

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    Bringing Back The Sounds of Vinyl: NBC5 Visits With Josey To Discuss Pressing Vinyl Records

    Thanks to Johnny Archer and NBC5 news! They dropped in for a visit to our new record plant and our record store to discuss the popularity of vinyl. You can’t call it a resurgence anymore; vinyl is as engrained into our culture as it’s been in 25 years with sales increasing 20-40% year over year for the last 10 years.