• Luke Sardello

    Dallas Observer Mixtape with Luke Sardello: Q, Maxx Mann & More

    Thanks to Wanz Dover and The Dallas Observer for the following article and mix for DC-9.  Luke Sardello is so much more than just a veteran DJ. Sardello is the epitome of an old school Dallas vet, but he is also a music connoisseur, curator and part of the brains behind Josey Records. As a DJ he’s largely associated with

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    Our Ten Favorite Miles Davis Cuts: A Josey List.

    In anticipation of Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic Miles Ahead, we asked our resident Miles Davis aficionado Eric Sampson to take us through his ten favorite Davis cuts. In chronological order. Miles Ahead premiers locally this weekend. And as always, give us a ring or stop on by and we’ll be glad to try and find a copy of any—or all—of these

  • The Soul Seven

    A Selection of Dallas Vinyl Obscurities

    Picture of The Soul Seven Dallas often gets overlooked for it history of musical significance. Sure, there’s Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pantera and Erykah Badu. But if you peel back a layer or 2, Dallas has produced some outstanding artists with some significant records. Some were local hits. Some have become highly collectible. We thought we’d take a few moments to

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    Art Angels: Why I Could Listen to Nothing But Grimes at the End of 2015

    Though it’s only her fourth full-length album, third coherent one and second to reach a competitive slice of the public, Art Angels is hardly Grimes’ first brush with the critical hosanna. Her last outing, Visions, boasted a broader-than-before appeal, expanding her audience beyond its once cult-like parameters; so intensely so that the single “Oblivion” — an indigo, Eurythmics-spare reflection on

  • Best Albums of 2015

    Josey’s Best Albums of 2015

    2015 is coming to a close and we’re finishing our first full year open in Dallas. So many great records were released this year and limiting any list to 10 records has proven to be difficult. Some quality records will certainly be left out. But we did it. The only requirements we used to compile this list was that it