Jeff “Skin” Wade Joins the BYODallas Podcast


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Even the most casual sports fan knows that Jeff “Skin” Wade has one of the brightest basketball minds this town has ever seen. He’s parlayed that into a gig with the Dallas Mavericks on their TV broadcast team and is 1/2 of the Ben and Skin show on 105.3 The Fan. But did you also know that Skin is a music aficionado that produces music for TV and film, was in a 90s rap group called The Sons of Soul & still maintains an impressive soul and jazz record collection?

Skin joined Drew Hamilton at Josey for the BYODallas podcast and they discussed everything from music to sports to radio and how Dallas has engrained itself into Skin’s passion for all of these things. We’ve known this man for 25 years and there are stories weaved in here that we’ve never heard, including how Skin worked his way into the Dallas Mavericks championship celebration following their incredible run in 2011 that MUST be heard.

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BYOD #2: Jeff “Skin” Wade at Josey Records

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