Josey Records Celebrates An Alternate Black Friday

DJ Priest

Written by Roderick Pullem, as seen in The Dallas Observer, November 26th, 2016.

DJ Priest posing with the limited edition vinyl print of the classic UGK & Outkast collaboration “Int’l Players Anthem” (I Choose You). One of the most sought after pieces released on Black Friday. Priest said he was able to score two copies from two different shops. An impressive feat considering the demand, lines and purchase limitations.

Amid the rabid display of consumerism known as Black Friday, a more mellow cerebral sect of customers converged upon Josey Records in North Dallas. Make no mistake the vinyl aficionado is without a doubt relentless in their pursuit of product. However, if you mix with their tribe on a day like Black Friday the chances for physical assault and mayhem is a lot less likely. In addition to several limited edition releases, Josey Records premiered their EP compilation and had some of the artist involved with the project perform live. The Black Friday line-up included Garrett Owen, David Karsten Daniels, Malik Abdul Rahmaan, Triangulum, Rache’, Rami, & SPK.


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