Josey Records Saves Texas’ Only Vinyl Plant With Purchase Of A&R Records

As the Dallas Observer Reports Josey Records has purchased Texas’ only vinyl pressing plant.

Former owner Stan Getz was the first to celebrate the purchase: “I’ve been approached by four or five other people… [Josey Records] are the most perfect fit I could ever imagine to buy that place.”

In addition to the acquisition of A&R Records, Josey Records has announced plans to launch a record label and an in-house recording studio, complete with full production staff. 

The ability to build a record business from top to bottom – from musical idea to studio production, from vinyl pellets to finished vinyl records, from wholesale and then to retail distribution – is extremely unique. As Josey Records managing partner Luke Sardello points out, “not many have that vertical integration going where you’ve got your hands in different aspects of the entire chain.”

Josey Records other managing partner, Waric Cameron, further commented on Josey Records big picture plans: “The idea is to build a network of stores that will be conducive to a label in countless ways.”

Read the full Dallas Observer Article HERE.


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