Astronautalis – The Texas Years LP

Astronautalis – The Texas Years LP


Limited color vinyl pressing including tracks originally only available from shows on CDRs and recorded during Astronautalis' stint in Texas.


1 Garden Of Fireflies
2 Interview Questions With My Mirror
3 Open House
4 Gangster Shit
5 Assless Pants
6 Three Years Till Mars
7 Three Days Later (Freestyle)
8 Love Song
9 Bachelor's Loop
10 Talkin' Grey Line Blues


Liner Notes:

If I hadn't gotten that theater scholarship to SMU, I would have never, in a million years, moved to Texas. And if I hadn't moved to Texas, I would have never overheard Nick Hernandez talking about "Heiro" in the cafeteria, and become his friend. And if he hadn't told Mary Elizabeth and I about that battle at "The Royal Rack", and she hadn't convinced me to enter, I would have never met Brock, or Headkrack. Then they would have never taken me under their wing, and I would have never been convinced to enter that battle at Good Records. So, I would have never gone on to win that huge battle that got me the giant reversible Ecko Unlimited bubble goose, AND the gig hosting that rap night at Palm Beach Club with Massive. Which means, I would have never met DJ Retog, and I would have never sat in his Honda, listening to his beats, while we were parked on a side street in Deep Ellum. And if I hadn't sat there, listening to those beats, I would have never found my way up to Denton, to his apartment with Ergo, and that damned dog, to start working on these songs. And if we had never recorded the first three songs on this record, I would have never played that gig at Rubber Gloves, and made the "Three Days Later" freestyle with Rerog and Andy Young. And now, I am fairly certain, that even if we HAD played that show, AND performed that freestyle, but it had NOT been recorded, things would have never popped for us, like things started to pop off for us in Texas. Which means, we may have never started working with Jeremy, and playing those wild, all night freestyle shows. And we may have never met Kieth l, and started "Power System Earth", and I may have never gotten arrested at the Frye Street Fair, or opened up for every rap tour that came through Dallas, or started playing shows around Texas, or booking our own shows at "Tropics", with Rehash, and Sober and Ames, and everyone on the DFWHipHop board that didn't hate us. Which means, we would have never made the rest of these songs, and started that dumb idea in our heads, and we hadn't met Addverse at that show with Atmosphere, at that skate park in Grand Pratie. And she hadn't offered us those first Warped Tour shows, Brock might still be driving and Impala, and working as a computer aided draftsman, I might still be a lighting technician, working another god awful production of "A Christmas Carol" at the Dallas Theater Center, and we would have never gotten all these stories, tattoos, and stamps in our passports. And you'd sure as hell, would never be holding this release of my gritty old bedroom demos in your hot little hands.

Goddamn! Glad I got that scholarship!

Additional Credits & Notes:
There are SO many more people that need to be thanked for these songs, these years, and these memories. But there ain't that much room on this paper, and that was a long time, and a lot of whiskies ago. So, if you came to one of these shows, came to one of our parties, have me $5 for a CD, bought me a beer, let us crash on your couch, let us jump on your bill, let me into your bar with my fake ID, played in our band one night in Denton, of lost to me in a battle...thanks. I wouldn't be who I am today, without your help back then.

I am pretty sure, we recorded every single song on here, without a mic stand, a pop screen, or a lick of sense about recording, engineering, or mixing. Soooo...embrace it!

Artwork, and font designed by: Nick "Mes The Jive Turkey" Quintero, who i have known since he was 16, before he had tattoos, a real job, and his "$5 a day".

Thanks to Oscar for coming up with "The Texas Years"!

This vinyl record was pressed and printed by the fine folks at Josey Records in the great state of Texas.

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