Dave + Sam – You Da Shit Girl (Derrick Carter Remixes)

Dave + Sam – You Da Shit Girl (Derrick Carter Remixes)


I've always thought of Chicago House as ratchet jams about love and inspiration. You Da Shit is the result of Sam wanting to make a house record and me needing to make a record my wife could dance to. After a year of living with it, I knew we made a song relatable to almost anyone.

Women are so beautiful, complex and powerful -- we've manipulated literature, law and limb to block their shine. I badly wanted this visual to shift that paradigm and yet, with each brainstorm my wife found my ideas well-intended, but low key problematic.

I realized as a cis male, I'm the least qualified to responsibly visualize the full spectrum of womanhood. Furthermore, if we artists want to inspire change, our creations should reflect more so than project. That led me to seek the counsel of our dynamic sisterfriend, lawyer and filmmaker, Whitney McGuire.

She, Naima Ramos-Chapman and the gawd, Nelson Nance collaborated to tell a surreal story of self-love, which I'm honored to have scored with Sam O.B.

In the process I learned that ego, all too often betrays intent. While men can tell culturally responsible stories for women, we should be mindful not to let our expression stand in the way of our message; if it's truly for the people. #YouDaShitGirl is about prioritizing love and healing through song, social networking and eventually, self. 


Pressed and distributed by Josey Record MFG.



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