David Crosby – Sky Trails

David Crosby – Sky Trails


David Crosby - Sky Trails

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“The Croz is back! Kicking off his solo career with the legendary 1971 album If I Could Only Remember My Name, a beautiful tapestry of psychedelic folk that sounds almost baroque, his solo output slowed down to about an album a decade. But the elusive hippie has gotten incredibly prolific in the last few years since teaming up with his formerly estranged son, James Raymond, who also produced this album. In a complete change from his expected folkie sound that goes as far back as The Byrds, David Crosby channels his inner R&B artist for a smooth jammer that feels more like Bobby Caldwell than the mustachioed Crosby. The Croz drops the small rock ensemble for a larger group of jazz trained musicians who spice up his music with an unexpected dose of fusion and experimentation. The absolute banger title track sounds like no Crosby song you’ve ever heard before. Opening with a funky organ riff, his beautiful voice sounds strangely ethereal with a band like this. Its catchy beat and riff owes more to ’70s soul than it does to the ’60s, and it works in a strange, mysterious way as the sound has a spacey vibe to it. “Curved Air” opens up with a beautiful bossa nova-ish riff that shows off Crosby’s talent as an acoustic guitarist, but then the early ’90s synth bass riff is almost a shock when it comes in. The jazz harmonies of the accompanying piano also add a dimension and depth to the song that makes it feel truly mind melting, despite the peaceful lyrics and harmonies chiming out of Crosby’s voice. Sky Trails is proof that the great artists of the ’60s don’t need to be stuck in the past to create interesting music. David Crosby manages to make an album that sounds equally archaic and futuristic in a zen hodge-podge that’s perfect for late night listens.”


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