RSD 2016 Recap – An Open Letter From Josey Records



Thank You! A 2016 Record Store Day Recap

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting Josey Records on Record Store Day! Vinyl continues to be a major way we listen to music and our goal from day 1 has been to create a community where vinyl lovers can come and listen to new music and trade thoughts and ideas with other vinyl lovers. You have helped us create that community by supporting us since the day we opened our doors.

Our RSD line started at 8PM Friday night and by 3AM the line had already wrapped around the building. By the time we opened at 7AM, we had nearly 300 people in line and by 11AM had handed out over 700 tickets using our ticketing system. Over 1,500 vinyl lovers partied with us throughout the day. Our bar was steady all day long as we moved through case after case of beer and by early afternoon the party was on! We couldn’t have asked for a better band line-up and DJ’s JT Donaldson and Jeff Ross held down the turntables throughout the day. How could you not have been captivated by the groove of Taylor Louis & The Legacy or rocked out with Fogg’s epic jams? The day exceeded our expectations and we’re extremely happy and proud to have spent it with all of you!

Head over to and check out the slideshow of our RSD goings on and visit our Facebook event photos and give us a shout.

photos by Kathy Tran + Mike Brooks for Dallas Observer

Record Store Day was created a decade ago to bring awareness to the medium of vinyl records and the stores that continued to support it. This is our 2nd Record Store Day event and we’re pleased to report that this year far exceeded our turn out last year and demonstrates the longevity and staying power that vinyl records are showing. Vinyl sales continue to grow year over year and labels are taking notice and understanding that vinyl is a great way to break new artists. Artists are connecting with their fans by delivering their vision to you in a way that they have never been able to digitally with colored vinyl pressings and intricate gatefold covers and inserts.

There were over 320 Record Store Day exclusive releases this year that ranged the gamut from rock to hip hop to jazz to pop and everything in between. There was something for everyone and indeed everyone came out to celebrate the event that Record Store Day has become. Whether you were looking for Deftones, David Bowie, Pinback, Justin Beiber or the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack, there was a release everyone could be interested in. We all owe a great deal of gratitude to the organization that is Record Store Day. It takes a lot behind the scenes to do what they do and we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

This was also the 2nd exclusive EP we’ve released for Record Store Day on Josey Records and pressed locally at A+R Record Manufacturing and we can’t thank the bands enough who played live and contributed to the EP:

Native Fox
Trai Bo
Taylor Louis & The Legacy

And thank you to all of the great people and organizations who helped us make this such a great RSD:

Music Is Our Weapon
Lindsey Owen Custom Jewelry
Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs
Mountain Dew
• Sean Sherrow Live Screen Printing

A big thanks to all of our extended music family that helped out. We wanted to make sure there was always someone available to answer your questions and enough people to get you through checkout quickly. Nobody likes waiting in line and we hope you appreciated our method of getting everyone through the RSD line as quickly as possible.

We know there can always be improvements and we want to hear from you! If you have any suggestions or ideas, please get in touch with us at Let us know what you liked and what you didn’t like. Until next year!

Wil, Ben, Amy, Kevin, Alicia, Ethan, Waric, Luke & All Of Our Extended Family